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Biking 101: The Basics and Benefits

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Debating whether to hop back on that old bicycle? Now’s as good a time as any! Here’s a look at the many health benefits associated with a regular bike riding regimen, as well as some perks you might not have thought of.

Get healthy

Among the top health benefits associated with biking are: a reduction in cardiovascular risk, a strengthened immune system, improved mental health and increased longevity. According to a Preventive Medicinestudy, active commuting that incorporates cycling and walking is associated with an 11% overall reduction in cardiovascular risk.

Join the masses

You are not alone! As more and more people adopt bicycles as their primary mode of transportation, cities are following suit with bike shares, bike lanes and more. According to Washington, D.C.’s District Department of Transportation Bicycle Facility Evaluation, 83% of surveyed residents agreed that the 15th Street green lane is a valuable neighborhood asset.


Did you know that cycling is the most efficient way for us to get around? Aside from being the most energy-efficient (no combustible emissions are released as you pedal your heart out), bicycles are a great alternative to getting around during rush hour commutes. How about reconnecting with an old friend for a weekend cycle session at your local park? You can stop by a local bicycle shop to ask for a bike map for your neighborhood. You may just discover a few things you never knew were there.

Always consult your doctor before changing your diet or starting a new exercise regimen.

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