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Functional Fashion: Wearables That Work for You

Denise DiTrani
What if a life-alert button added GPS then morphed into a fashion accessory? Well, it's happened! They're known as “wearables”; discrete yet decorative, these accessories and apparels have found the perfect balance between health and... Continue

Seven Ways to Exercise Your Brain

Allie Johnson
Many people fear a loss of thinking skills and memory as they age. But there are steps you can take to help keep your brain sharp — from taking a brisk walk, to learning a new language, to solving a... Continue

Yoga for Every Body

Kathy Simpson
At age 99, Tao Porchon-Lynch is a poster child for the benefits of yoga. She began practicing in India at the age of eight. In 2012, she was proclaimed the Oldest Living Yoga Teacher by Guinness World Records. Her tiny frame remains lithe... Continue

Workouts to Try If You’re Starting from Scratch

Emily Guy Birken
Working out is one of those important-but-not-urgent tasks that can easily fall to the bottom of your to-do list. We're often reminded of how important self-care is after we hit a major milestone birthday, experience a health scare, or... Continue

7 Myths About Your Brain

Michele Lerner
If you consider yourself a “left-brain" or a “right-brain" person, have experienced a “senior moment," you may have been influenced by often-repeated myths about the human brain. Neurological researchers have expanded their... Continue

Set Your Biological Clock for a Better Sleep

Allie Johnson
Do you dream of getting a good night's sleep but always wake up bleary-eyed and cranky? Age might be partly to blame but tweaking lighting can help. Sleep patterns tend to change with age, with older adults reporting more insomnia than... Continue

The Smart Plate: 10 Foods That Support a Healthy Mind

Amanda S. Creasey
The golden years of our lives are not called golden for nothing, and while Robert Frost warns us that “nothing gold can stay," studies have shown that we can, in fact, take certain steps to lengthen the duration of our golden years and... Continue

Seven Habits That Science Says Increase Longevity

Sarita Harbour
As more people live well into their 90s and even surpass their 100th birthdays, scientists and researchers are studying just what they're doing (and not doing) to live long lives. Research shows that during the 30-year period from 1980 to... Continue