November 24, 2015

Workouts for Your Fitness Personality

There are two concerns I typically hear from people who want to start an exercise regimen, but haven’t had success. The first is: I don’t have the time. The second is: I can’t seem to get motivated.

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I get it. We’re all busy. We have jam-packed schedules. We’re pulled in a million different directions. And because of all of those demands, we’re too exhausted to exercise when we finally make it home after a long day. So we get stuck – overweight, feeling sluggish and not exercising. You know the drill.

As I was losing weight, 120 pounds over seven years ago, I started walking. Not far at first. But I found that walking really suited me; I enjoyed the time alone (I was still in the throes of raising four children) and fresh air. I bought a GPS watch that recorded my pace and distance. I was able to compare my performance on the same route from one walk to the next.

I started pushing myself to go faster, to go farther. Competing with myself to see how much I could improve became incredibly motivating. My walks became workouts, and those workouts took on new meaning. Within four years of starting those walks, I ran my first marathon.

For someone who had been morbidly obese for more than two decades, this transformation was life-changing.

I found a workout – running – that fit my “fitness personality.” I liked the solitude and the fresh air, but I could also listen to whatever music I wanted, and go at whatever pace suited me. My walks became training. They took on new purpose; I didn’t want to miss one, no matter how busy I was, because each walk was necessary for the bigger goal.

My drive was no longer just weight loss, it was about finding out what I was really made of.

Sometimes we surprise ourselves. If you haven’t found the right workout – or workouts; I love yoga and swimming too – keep trying. Maybe you like the camaraderie of a spinning class or the solitude of being out on the water, sculling at dawn. No matter what it is, the passion that you will find will transform that workout from something you “should” do into something you can’t wait to do!


Marilyn McKenna speaks publicly and writes about fitness and weight loss. After being morbidly obese for decades, Marilyn lost 120 lbs., transforming her body and her life. She now brings hope to others who are struggling with an approach that is both relative and real.

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