October 7, 2015

What’s Your Crash Risk?

If you’re a driver 50+, take this short quiz* to learn more.


When and Where You Drive

1. About how many miles do you drive in a year?

2,500 or less
2,501 – 7,500
7,501 – 10,000
Over 10,000

2. How often do you drive an automobile?

Every day
2-3 times a week or less

3. In what kind of area do you do most of your driving?

Small town or suburban
High density urban

4. How often do you drive at night?

Weekly or less

Your Driving Record

1. How many traffic violations (tickets) have you had in the last 3 years?

One or more

2. Have you, as a driver, been involved in a crash in which you were at fault in the past 3 years?


3. Have you, as a driver, been involved in a crash in which someone else was at fault in the past 3 years?


About You

1. Are you:


2. What is your marital status?

Not married

3. How many people live in your household? (Include yourself.)

Three or more

4. What is your age?

50 – 60
61 – 65
66 – 70
71 – 75
76 or older

5. How many organizations do you belong to as an active member? (Include religious, business, political, professional, social, fraternal, military, clubs, lodges, etc.)

One to four
Five or more

6. At night, how much difficulty do you have reading the instrument panel in your car because it is too dim?

None at all
A little
Quite a bit

7. At night, do you have difficulty seeing pedestrians by the side of the road?

Not at all
A little
Quite a bit

8. Over the past year, the time you have spent on hobbies or leisure activities is:

More than a year or two ago
About the same as a year or two ago
Less than a year or two ago


*This crash risk quiz is based on a research study of nearly 1,500 drivers, between the ages of 50 and 95, conducted by The Hartford. The risk factors and findings are derived solely from the results of that research study.

Even when you’re careful, accidents can still happen. Make sure you have the right car insurance.

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