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All drivers may bear witness to, or participate in, traffic-induced anger or outbursts. Not only is this unpleasant for the passengers in the car, but it can ultimately affect your health. If you’re prone to losing your temper while driving, use these simple calming strategies to help quell anxiety and become more relaxed before getting on the road.

Practice Hand Yoga

Hand yoga is a healthy practice for everyone but especially those with hand arthritis or who experience frequent pain in their hands. Driving for long periods of time can amplify any existing hand cramping. Before getting behind the wheel, try a few simple wrist rotation or joint and finger stretches to increase blood flow and ease tension.

Listen to Your Favorite Audio Books or Soothing Music

For the ultimate hands-free distraction, put on a favorite audiobook or collection of soothing songs. Focusing on a story’s plotline or the hook of a song is an easy way to turn a stressful trip into an enjoyable driving experience.

Pack Plenty of Food and Water for Longer Trips

You’re not you when you’re “hangry,” a combination of hungry and angry that is a recipe for trouble, especially when driving. Hunger can make someone even more irritable than usual and a lack of proper nourishment can impair one’s driving focus. Before getting in the car, stock up on water and healthy snacks for the road.

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